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Crisis Coaching Leaders & EA

Resolving Conflicts, Rebuilding Trust

  • 2 hr
  • varies
  • Onsite

Service Description

Crisis Coaching for Leaders and Executive Assistants Description: When challenges arise in the working relationship between a Senior Leader and their Executive Assistant (EA), it can impact the entire organization. Our Crisis Coaching service is designed to address these critical situations, providing immediate support and strategic guidance to resolve conflicts and restore effective collaboration. Service Includes: - Conflict Resolution: Identify the root causes of conflict and develop strategies to address them. - Performance Enhancement: Improve skills and performance through tailored coaching and support. - Partnership Salvage: Work towards rebuilding trust and strengthening the partnership. - Working Genius Assessment: Gain insights into each other's natural talents and working styles to enhance understanding and collaboration. - Professional Support: Access to licensed counselors for additional support if needed. How the Working Genius Assessment Helps: The Working Genius Assessment is a powerful tool that helps uncover each individual's unique strengths and preferences. During a crisis, understanding these aspects can: - Highlight areas of misalignment and provide a foundation for resolving conflicts. - Offer insights into how each person can best support the other, enhancing teamwork. - Facilitate open communication and mutual respect, critical for rebuilding trust and collaboration. Details: - Duration and Cost: Customized based on the specific needs and timing of the situation. - Format: Onsite or virtual sessions available. Outcome: Our goal is to help navigate through challenging times, ensuring that you emerge with a stronger, more effective working relationship. Please note that a minimum of 2 hours is required.

Cancellation Policy

Payment Terms: Payment is due upon receipt of this invoice unless we have discussed and agreed upon different terms. Please note that if payment is not received 48 hours before the first session, the session will need to be rescheduled.

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