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Executive Assistant Coach Dawn

September 25th 2024 - October 30th 2024

Fall Executive Assistant Mastery Cohort

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  • Webinars: Weekly Interactive webinars via Zoom, tailored specifically for EAs in ministry.

  • Influential Guest Speakers: Insights from seasoned leaders in ministry like Eric Geiger, Lance Witt and Erik Rees.

  • Dynamic Online Community: Exclusive network fostering continuous learning and support.

Interested in empowering yourself or your Executive Assistant with this strategic investment? Secure a spot to elevate your ministry's impact! 

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Led by Dawn Marraccino, a two-decade veteran ea at influential churches such as Saddleback and Mariners Church

Learn from subject experts, like Lance Witt, Eric Geiger, and Erik Rees, who bring their expertise in leadership, personal development, and organizational effectiveness to expand your thinking and strengthen your leadership. Become the strategic partner you are wired to be! 

Connect with your cohort in a vibrant, 24/7 online community where you can ask questions, find resources, and process real-time challenges with people who get it.

Guest Speakers

Six Week Course Schedule 

September 25 2024 - October 30th 2024

  • Enhance your team with the ideal Executive Assistant
    I provide comprehensive hiring support, including meticulous screening, in-depth interviewing, and thorough testing, to ensure you find the perfect match for your organization's needs. Let me guide you in selecting an EA who not only meets your criteria but also elevates your team's efficiency and harmony.
  • Coaching Existing EA
    Elevate your Executive Assistant into a strategic partner with focused coaching aimed at aligning their skills with your leadership goals. By enhancing their proactive thinking and problem-solving abilities, this coaching transforms your EA into an invaluable asset, boosting your productivity and collaborative success.
  • Empower Your Path: Elevate Your EA Role with Expert, Experienced Coaching
    Are you an Executive Assistant looking to excel as a strategic partner? Dive into my specialized EA coaching program, designed with your unique career journey in mind. As a seasoned practitioner who has experienced the highs and lows of the EA role firsthand, I offer not just guidance, but empathy and understanding. I'll walk alongside you, leveraging my practical insights to help you navigate challenges and harness your full potential. For EAs investing in their own growth, special self-pay rates are available. Together, we'll unlock your ability to become an exceptional strategic asset in your organization.
  • Career Advancement for EAs: Expert Resume and Interview Coaching for Your Next Big Leap
    Step into your next career milestone with confidence. Step into your next career milestone with confidence by utilizing my career coaching service for Executive Assistants. My career coaching service for Executive Assistants is specifically designed to polish your professional profile and sharpen your interview skills. From crafting a standout resume to mastering the art of the interview, I provide personalized guidance and actionable strategies. Whether you're aiming for a promotion or eyeing a new opportunity, I'll support you in articulating your unique strengths and achievements, ensuring you present the best version of your professional self. Let's collaborate to open doors to exciting new career possibilities in your journey as an Executive Assistant.
  • Revitalize Your Administrative Team: Tailored Workshop Trainings for Optimal Efficiency
    Transform the dynamics of your administrative support structure with my specialized workshop trainings. I offer comprehensive group sessions aimed at evaluating and enhancing the effectiveness of your Executive Assistants and administrative staff. By assessing the current roles and responsibilities within your team, I provide customized strategies to streamline processes, optimize productivity, and elevate the overall performance of your support staff. Bring me into your organization to unlock the full potential of your administrative team, fostering a more cohesive, efficient, and empowered workplace.

Weekly on Wednesdays from 11:00 to 12:30 PM PST

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