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Meditating on the Beach

Online and In-Person Life Coaching Services

Unlock your potential with Certified Life Coach

with Dawn Marraccino

Empower. Transformation. Growth.

Life Coaching Services

Why Work With Me?

Because I believe in the transformative power of the human brain and the concept of neuroplasticity. Drawing from my own journey of overcoming adversity and my fascination with neuroscience, I offer evidence-based strategies to help you tap into your brain's inherent capacity for growth and transformation.

With empathy, strength, and a deep understanding of the science behind neuroplasticity, I provide a supportive space for you to explore your challenges, celebrate your victories, and create a future filled with possibility.

Balancing life

If you’re ready for positive change, growth, and fulfillment, I’m here to walk with you. Together, we’ll unlock your potential and discover a life that is not only lived but cherished and full of laughter.

Executive Assistant Coaching

Faith in Jesus

My anchor and the quiet strength behind my resilience. It’s the gentle whisper that turns “I can’t” into “I can.”

Family and Friends and my Goldendoodle

My world. They are my steadfast support system, my laughter in the chaos, and the reminder that love, mixed with humor, can navigate us through anything. 


My adventure on the high seas, where I test my faith, patience, and the art of navigation. It's where I feel most free, challenged, and alive.


A practice that grounds me, connecting mind, body, and spirit, offering a space for reflection and inner strength.

The Beach

My sanctuary where the sand meets the sea; it's where I find peace, recharge my spirit, and remember the vastness of life's possibilities.


A reflection of my eclectic tastes, spanning genres and eras. Music is a universal language that speaks to the soul, whether it's uplifting, contemplative, or simply fun.


A journey through words that captivates my imagination and feeds my thirst for knowledge and insight. From spiritual growth to thrilling escapades, each book is a new adventure.


A passion that fuels my soul, broadens my perspectives and enriches my life with unforgettable experiences and cultures. It embodies my adventurous spirit, always seeking to explore, learn, and grow.


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